Live Your Dream 5K Race

  • Live Your Dream 5K
    Join us for our Live Your Dream 5K on May 21 at Fort Utah Park in Provo, Utah at 9:00 a.m. All proceeds go toward the Live Your Dream Scholarship for single mothers who are widowed or divorced.


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One-Line Bio

Paragon Wealth Management is a registered investment firm in Utah.


Paragon Wealth Management, a money management firm in Provo, Utah, was established in 1986 to give investors a better way to invest their money and achieve their financial goals. Paragon serves clients throughout the United States.

When it comes to your wealth, there’s no doubt you seek the very best care and attention. However, what about the focus on your actual investment strategy? Does an array of services lose its appeal if your investment portfolio is performing poorly and not allowing you to meet your objectives?

Paragon was created differently than the typical wealth management firm. Our entire focus is on your investment strategies and optimizing the performance of your portfolios.

Active Money Management

Our fundamental roots lie in proactive money management. The methods we use to manage your portfolio are unique within the financial services industry. Most advisory firms simply build a diversified portfolio then wait and hope. We actually actively manage your portfolio on a daily basis. We use propriety complex quantitative models to measure, monitor, adjust and change your investments as market conditions change.


Your success is our success. Our models are designed to give you the best performance possible. Our growth and conservative portfolios are the most popular choices at Paragon.

Paragon’s conservative portfolio, Managed Income, was designed for the conservative investor to offer higher returns than bank certificates of deposit or treasury bills without the volatility normally associated with the broader stock market.

Our growth portfolio, Top Flight, was designed to constantly move towards top performing market styles and sectors while at the same time continuously adjusting market exposure.


We have over 20 years experience working with both good and bad markets that can be difficult and are constantly changing. Each year since we opened in 1986, we have improved our investment methods and client services to serve you better. Experience is what you are really paying your adviser for because you may not have the time, resources or expertise to manage your own portfolio.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Paragon has fiduciary responsibility, which means we have a legal obligation to put your interests ahead of our own. It has been estimated that only 15% of all financial advisers meet the fiduciary requirement.

No Commissions or Surrender Fees

Paragon does not sell any financial products or get paid based on commissions. Our firm is only paid management fees for managing your account. This aligns our objectives with yours and keeps the focus on accomplishing your objectives.

With Paragon, there are no hidden fees or surrender charges. Unlike most investments, if at any time your needs change or you are not completely satisfied; you are free to move your money out of our investment programs. Of course, you will never be charged a surrender fee.

Awards and Recognitions

Paragon was named one of Wealth Manager's "Top Dogs"- the Top Advisory Firms in the country in 2008.

Paragon received the prestigious 2008 Utah Best of State Award in Financial Services.

The Provo/Orem Chamber of Commerce presented Paragon with the Small Business of the Year Award in May 2008.

Contact us at 801-375-2500 or visit us at 3651 N 100 E, Suite 275, Provo, Utah 84604.