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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


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It is nice to have gotten a response for sure. Means some one is watching your posts for sure.

james daniels

why is it that the retired people in the USA are not getting a cost of or any kind of a pay raise and the congress and the house get one regardless of the current state of the budget? i am a retired civil service worker and need that cost of living raise that we have not gotten for awhile now. and what about the people that live on social security? they need their raise also. let the political representatives pay for their own health insurance and take to burden off of the people that elected them?

Richard Stooker

Back when I wrote letters to Congressional representatives and senators, I found it quite frustrating. They almost never agreed, but wouldn't disagree either.

Even when I figured they disagreed with me, they'd never admit it. They'd always "share my concern."

They rarely took a firm stand for or against the bill or issue I was writing about. They'd always straddle the line, trying to appeal to everybody.

I'm not saying that writing them is not worthwhile. It could help influence their vote, but only if your letter is one of thousands.

Vote are what count, not their letters or speeches. Action, not words.


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Well, at least they were kind enough to respond

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This is really nice gesture

James Morgan - Puritan Financial Advisor

This pork-laden bill may end up only putting us in the worse situation.

Ralph Fogel

Its great to see you actually got a response. It is good knowing that someone is actually listening. Thanks for sharing.

Ed Hardy

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